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VIP Volunteers

Parent / Family Volunteers

The VIP Village strongly encourages parent/guardian involvement in the classroom of their children. This is a vital part of our educational program.  SBUSD and Community Care Licensing requires ALL of the following vaccines in accordance with CA Senate Bill No. 792

All volunteers must: 

  • receive fingerprint clearance through our Human Resource Department at 601 Elm Avenue, Imperial Beach, CA and
  • provide proof the following vaccines
    • DTaP Vaccine (Pertussis, Diphtheria and Tetanus) 
    • MMR Vaccine (Measles, Mumps and Rubella) 
    • TB- Tuberculosis Risk Assessment and/or Examination (dated within the last 4 years) Influenza Vaccine (optional) must be between August and December of each year 
    • Statement to Decline Influenza Vaccine By checking this box and initialing I am declining to have the influenza vaccine administered. 

It is a California Community Care Licensing requirement that: All Volunteer Vaccination records must be submitted prior to volunteering in the classroom.

Teachers and the Family Services Liaison will contact you to arrange a convenient time for you to participate in your child’s class. On the day of volunteering, check in at the office, show identification and sign into our automated check in/out station.  Then you can start Volunteering. 

SBUSD Parent Volunteer process, effective April 2, 2024

Parent volunteer applicants must complete the application along with code of conduct form found in the booklet attached which is also available on the district’s website under the Human Resources Department/Volunteer handbook section. The following documents need to be submitted with the application:

  • Copy of the parent's valid picture ID
  • Copy of negative TB results (valid for 4 years)


The Human Resources department is now processing fingerprints, please have the applicant contact us at (619) 628-1690 to make an appointment (no walk-ins) once all the required documents have been submitted, financial assistance will be offered by applicant’s' request due to financial hardship, otherwise a $47 money order will be required at the time of their appointment.

Please note fingerprinting clearance varies from person to person and can take anywhere between 24 hrs. to 3 weeks as they are processed through the Department of Justice.


A parent volunteer badge is required on campus or while attending school events/fieldtrips, we will process the ID badge the same day of their livescan appointment and hold the badge in our office until the applicant is notified of clearance by the Human Resources Dep.